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Agricultural Fields


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The project aims at redefining the role of women in agriculture by building their leadership to work across the agricultural value chain as aggregators and market connectors. 


Women farmers have always been bearing the brunt of climate change in rural Marathwada. Increasing droughts and focus on cash crops and single cropping pattern has to lead to a heavy financial burden on women in rural households. In partnership with Swayam Shikshan Prayog and the project aims to empower women farmers into entrepreneurial leaders – Krishi Netri – who can build or scale up district-level aggregation and marketing enterprises using technology. 

These enterprises will bring economic benefits to the small and marginal farmers by fetching higher value for their farm produce, and help fight against the climate change issue by motivating farmers to grow climate-friendly farm produce. Further by focusing on pulses and vegetables the project also aims at increasing sustainable multi-cropping at a district level by solving the biggest current problem for farmers in terms of access to better prices for these products in the market.


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